Improv Class Testimonials/Quotes

Tim Simek represents everything that is inspirational
in teaching.  He has a clear, concise style of presenting improvisational games, coupled with his joy and constructive feedback. I feel every teacher could learn from sitting in on his classes. He makes me want to be a better teacher!!
Mary McCusker (On-set coach for "Malcolm in the Middle," "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and most recently the pilot for "Sons of Tucson" and new series “Parenthood”)

There are reasons why I’ve taken Slow…Children at Play’s improv classes  (from what I’m told…a record-breaking five times). First, I learn something new ever session I attend…about performing and about myself. Second, the sense of enthusiasm and energy Tim Simek generates makes the experience feel more like a family than a class. And, finally, and most importantly, it’s frankly a whole lot more sheer unadulterated fun than human beings should be allowed to have.

Len Wein (Legendary Comic Book Author and Creator of ‘Wolverine’ of the “X-Men”)

I LOVE the class. Tim and Laura are great. The entire experience is super supportive and I have made lifelong friends. The class has helped so much in reminding me to just be in the moment and have fun! Life is fun and there are so many opportunities to go with the flow and be a part of something awesome. Stop thinking. Just move and react. Who needs a brain? I think the Scarecrow had it right all along.


Yesel "Yak" Manrique  (Stand-up Comedian/Actor)

Tim's classes offer the greatest opportunity to uncork the ‘Kid Energy’ we normally bottle-up.  Each week is filled with games designed to get people to blast apart theirinhibitions and shift to the place of fun and excitement that we've forgotten for far too long.The highlight of my week, it’s always exhilarating, fun, and hilarious. I can't wait for the next one to start!


 Bob Skir (Animation Writer—“X-Men,” “Extreme Ghostbusters,” “Beetlejuice”)

I joined Tim's class as a way to face my fears and get out of my own skin. Improv helped me ‘play’ and laugh…the best advice Tim gave me was to "sell" whatever it is I commit to.  That helped me on stage, with my relationships and in my career.  I finished the class having made some lifelong friendships.  


Mahta R. (Teacher/Mom)

I've been looking for a way to let my inner child run free without being arrested and this is it. I've never once have left Tim's class without guffawing at the unfettered imagination of my classmates or my own goofiness! There's the added gift of each class becoming a family as we grow closer on the way to our performance at the end of the 12 week session. I can't think of a better way to spend Monday nights.


Rich Manners (Retired Composer)


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