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Kids/Teens Improv Class

S...CAP (Slow Children at Play) is booking the next round of Kids/Teens Improvisational Class for ages 10 - 16.  S…CAP has been offering improv classes since 2004.  This six-week session covers all the basics of improv through a variety of exercises and games.  This class fills up so be sure to book your spot now! 

Benefits of S…CAP class/training:

  • Enhanced spontaneity, focus, commitment & self-confidence

  • Stronger development of sensory skills (audio, visual, etc.)

  • Heightening of listening, concentration & creative skills for auditioning, performing, acting and public speaking

  • Developing self-confidence for both performers & non-performers

 Class overview:


     About Our Kids/Teens Improv Team

Rosanne Limeres has been working as a professional actress and singer for over 20 years. She trained extensively at I.O. West in Hollywood and is currently a troupe member of Slow…Children at Play. Rosanne brings her creative passion and love of comedy and laughter to her teaching. She has worked for several years with kids in extracurricular programs at various schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Rosanne also performed and directed interactive games with kids for Kiddie Antics, an entertainment-based company for children in Los Angeles. Along with her extensive stage experience, she has a variety of film and TV credits, and she is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Tim Simek,owner and director of S…CAP, is the administrator of both the adult and kid/teen classes. He has been performing, producing & directing improv shows as well as conducting improv & acting classes for 20 years. He has extensive film & TV credits and is best known for his role as the 'Deputy' in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." Tim performs with the Core division of S…CAP and is the instructor for the adult improv class, and also teaches improv at L.A. Pierce College. He founded S...CAP in 1998 and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Slow…Children at Play {S…CAP} is now in its 17th season of performing comedy improv shows combined with sketch and multi-media. S…CAP has a strong audience base and continues to produce creative & fun comedy shows. Check out some of our videos at

 S…CAP Hotline: (818) 410-PLAY 


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