When Tim did an impersonation of John Wayne ('The Duke') for his 6th grade geography class, he didn't realize that it was actually a preview of things to come. Well, sort of. Since then, Simek's celebrity impersonations have evolved along with numerous starring, co-starring & supporting roles in film and network/cable television, 30+ years of improv performances, several years of stand-up comedy, various awards as a public speaker and the creation of Slow...Children at Play in 1998. Simek considers S...CAP his extended 'family' and he’s grateful to be the group's founder, producer and director. He feels laughter is very healing and he continues his role as a dynamic and supportive improv instructor, facilitating classes for actors and non-actors, encouraging everyone to explore and enhance their creative skills. He is known for his role as the ‘Deputy’ in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and you can see him in the films Jackal and 8 Found Dead, both on Amazon Prime. As he strives to improve his golf game, Simek knows that his sense of humor is a blessing.

But seriously folks, if you want to know more about Tim, here's a good read in Voyage LA.

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