Slow...Children at Play was founded by actor and director Tim Simek in early 1998. Wanting a more consistent creative outlet, Simek started a comedy troupe of his own. Simek hand-picked seven actors, each with a passion for improv, to become part of the troupe. The name of the troupe needed to be fun, unique and memorable. The group brainstormed and came up with Slow...Children at Play, which coincidentally matched Simek's personal philosophy that we're really all just kids who want to go out and play.

After rehearsing in Simek's apartment living room in the Fairfax area for the better part of 1998 and before performing in public, Slow...Children at Play's public debut was on a hot Sunday afternoon, October 25, 1998 in Simek's backyard in Sherman Oaks. A handful of friends (and their kids) made up the audience, sitting on blankets, munching cookies and drinking cheap punch.

Since then, Slow...Children at Play has grown up a bit (though we hope not too much!). Currently comprised of two divisions (Deuce & Core), the group performs regularly at The Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center in North Hollywood, as well as for private parties, team building & corporate functions around Los Angeles. S...CAP's repertoire includes short form improv, long form, sketch and multi-media.

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